December 2013

Dear shareholders and prospective shareholders,

In December, CRH attended the annual New York Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy conference for the fifth consecutive year. This meeting brings together gastroenterologists from the New York area as well as from across the U.S.

We generated several new client leads at the conference and spoke with a significant number of physicians who are already using our system – all of who indicated that they are very satisfied with the results they’ve been seeing.

One of those trained physicians also gave a talk on hemorrhoids (and treating them using the CRH O’Regan System) to the nurses attending the meeting, which only helped spread the word about our technology.

New Procedure Video

Several weeks ago, we finalized a new 3D animated video that acts as a step-by-step guide to the O’Regan System procedure, and looks at how to best diagnose hemorrhoids.

While most GIs still identify hemorrhoids during colonoscopy, this video provides some tips to apply when performing colonoscopy to better visualize the affected tissue.

We believe that if more physicians are able to comfortably diagnose hemorrhoids, the more patients they will treat with the O’Regan System.
The video will be used in various ways for both prospective and existing gastroenterologist clients, as well as act as a training tool for surgeons interested in using the technology.

The video can be viewed here:

Roadshow in Vancouver

Towards the middle of December, Edward Wright (CEO of CRH Medical) and I marketed the company on Howe Street in Vancouver, B.C.
During previous marketing in Vancouver, investment advisors and portfolio managers have been very receptive to the CRH story. The feedback we tend to receive from Howe Street is that meeting participants:

1. Like our market opportunity, which is understandable considering that one out of two people in the U.S. will have hemorrhoids by age 50.
2. They like the fact that each quarter we gain market share with a safe and effective treatment for the condition.

During the December roadshow, we met with four institutional investors and five investment advisors who expressed similar sentiments.

2014 Overview

The top operational objectives for the company continue to be:

1. Grow our customer base for the O’Regan System
2. Continue building our pipeline of potential customers who would be receptive to a new product or service that’s complimentary to the O’Regan System

From an investor relations perspective, our primary mandate in 2014 is to continue raising the company’s profile with new prospective investors while
concurrently building greater value for our current owners.

We look forward to sharing the January edition of the CRH Investor Bulletin with you, and as always, we appreciate your interest and support.

Adam Peeler
Media and Investor Relations
TMX Equicom
416.815.0700 x 225

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