November 2013

Dear shareholders and prospective shareholders,

In November, CRH Medical implemented effective changes to its GI training model. In the past, a physician would participate in a training session on the O’Regan System with one of our medical directors, and then receive a follow-up training session several months later.

We found that while that model was effective, what’s proving to be more useful is to have someone from CRH Medical return two or three weeks after the initial training session for a refresher.
The feedback that we’ve received from current and prospective gastroenterologist customers is that the revised training model makes them more comfortable with the device and the technique.

If they feel a greater degree of confidence in the O’Regan System, it stands to reason that the will use it more, which could generate more revenue for CRH Medical.

What Happens in Vegas…

In mid November, CRH attended the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons (ACOS) in Las Vegas. This was our first time exhibiting the ACOS, which was attended by more than 1,200 surgeons from across the U.S.

In addition to generating a number of new leads through our booth presence, Dr. Mitch Guttenplan, Medical Director of CRH, was also invited to give an educational talk (for continuing medical education credits) on anorectal care and current non-surgical options for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Non-Deal Roadshow in Vancouver

Looking ahead to December, we will be marketing the CRH Medical story to the financial community in Vancouver towards the middle of the month.

Investment advisors and portfolio managers in Vancouver have been very receptive to the CRH Medical story in the past, and we expect the upcoming roadshow to be time well spent.

We look forward to sharing the December edition of the CRH Investor Bulletin with you, and as always, we appreciate your interest and support.

Adam Peeler
Media and Investor Relations
TMX Equicom
416.815.0700 x 225

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