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Hemorrhoid Banding Ancillary Program 

CRH Medical supports gastroenterology practices in developing a turnkey Hemorrhoid and Perianal Treatment Ancillary Program. Our team works with practice partners to analyze their current state and provide a full proforma and business plan. The CRH platform provides partners with a systematic approach to identify, screen, educate and schedule patients who may be unaware that this definitive treatment option is available. This may include: 

  • AI-supported analytics based on your practice’s hemorrhoid diagnosis data to identify patients who may benefit from the CRH O’Regan banding treatment.
  • Expert patient advisors working on behalf of the practice to screen for symptoms; and 
  • Robust digital marketing which enables partners to benefit from our continuous investment in educating & driving new patient visits.


The protection of patient data against cyber threats and ransomware attacks is a critical need for the healthcare industry. The average cost of a cyber breach in healthcare is estimated at $359 per record, the highest cost of all industry classes. We provide a comprehensive set of managed cybersecurity services and solutions to ensure the protection and safety of your healthcare clinic or organization.

  • Endpoint protection with zero-day protection
  • Email security & protection 
  • Managed network security & threat intelligent monitoring 
  • Secure wireless network infrastructure 
  • Managed backup services to protect against ransomware threats
  • Security risk assessments & compliance
  • Cybersecurity liability Insurance 

GI Health App 

GI Health is a consumer-centric digital application (Web, iOS, Android) to provide curated educational material on colorectal and GI conditions and possible treatments including Hemorrhoid banding:   

  • Provide educational information on various hemorrhoid treatment options including CRH O’Regan banding
  • Information on chronic condition management, prevention, and other best practices 
  • Access to health practitioners supporting on GI health matters including hemorrhoids
  • Search for nearby GI clinics for referral and appointment booking 
  • GI Health Screener to track symptoms and shortlist possible conditions (coming Soon) 

Intelligent Digital Intake Forms (Launching Soon)

Our Digital intake forms provide an easy way to engage and collect required information from your patients prior to an in-clinic or virtual visit and automate your medical notes:

  • Patients receive digital intake forms via email, SMS, and web 
  • Select from library of intake templates or customize your own
  • Integrate with patient chart for medical note automation 
  • Custom branding, Multi-language support 

Telehealth (Launching Soon)

Our Web and mobile friendly telehealth platform is designed to provide clinics and ASCs with a convenient and easy way of adding telehealth to their practice.   The solution allows Physician to provide health service to and from anywhere with video chat, phone and secure messaging appointments addressing both longitudinal and episodical care. 

Telehealth services can be used by GI practices to provide better access to care for patients and can be utilized to provide virtual services for: 

  • Pre-procedure screening and/or preparation 
  • Post-visit result consultation
  • Chronic condition management & follow-ups

The platform uses industry leading security and encryption methodologies and is HIPPA compliant. 

Omni-channel AI Virtual Assistant (Launching Soon)

Omni-channel AI powered virtual assistant that help your clinic to automate & connect your workflows across the patient journey including contactless screenings and check-ins: 

  • Fully configurable and contextual omni-channel (Phone/IVR, SMS, e-mail, web) notifications and patient engagement tracking leading up to the virtual or in-clinic visit 
  • Fax, document, and RPA (robotic process automation) capabilities to capture referral data from multiple sources, prepopulate patient profiles, and sort & tag clinical data and attachments 
  • Automate eligibility checks, prior-auth processing, co-pay collection, and patient invoicing