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CRH Anesthesia

Each year, 25 million anesthetics are administered in the United States for endoscopic procedures.

It’s also been estimated that roughly 50% of colonoscopies and upper endoscopies are now performed using a dedicated anesthesia provider (up from 13.5% in 2003 based on Medicare numbers).

One of the main reasons for that increase is due to the increased use of propofol.
When used by experienced practitioners skilled in the administration of propofol, there is a remarkable safety profile. Physicians and practices are realizing the benefits that using propofol has on both the patient and the facility:

  • Shorter sedation periods
  • Faster, more predictable recovery time
  • Superior patient satisfaction
  • More efficient patient flow
  • Increased facility revenue without expense

CRH is helping address anesthesia service needs nationwide. With CRH Anesthesia, our partners are able to take advantage of all our areas of expertise, including staffing, program implementation, and daily management of everything anesthesia related.

Our mission is to develop anesthesia programs that deliver the highest quality care for the facilities and communities we serve.

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