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Patient Benefits

Benefit for Patients

You want to invest in a product that helps patients as much as it creates profit – and the CRH O’Regan System does just that. This highly effective, minimally invasive banding procedure is performed by more than 2,000 physicians in less than a minute, and recurrence is rare.

  • Multiple hemorrhoids are treated in separate visits to ensure each one is completely cured
  • More than 99% of patients report no post-procedure pain
  • 10 times fewer complications than traditional banding
  • Smaller instruments for greater comfort and faster treatment

 Why is CRH better?

When you stack the CRH O’Regan System up against other treatments, you can see it offers patients the best possible choice:

  • Less invasive than hemorrhoidectomy, which is typically only needed for the most severe cases.
  • Superior to other banding options by exchanging sharp, painful metal clamps that can get contaminated for a disposable, single-use device that creates a gentle suction.
  • Doesn’t just relieve symptoms like creams and ointments – but removes the hemorrhoid completely.
  • More effective on larger hemorrhoids than infrared coagulation therapy (IRC), with lower recurrence rates.
  • Avoids the pain, bleeding and complications of sclerotherapy.
  • Faster and more comfortable than Ultroid.

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