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CRH Medical coverage in online magazine Cantech

20 Mar 2012 11:05 AM – CRH Medical was featured recently in prominent online magazine Cantech. An excerpt from the article, and a link to the article appear below:

In biotech, playing the waiting game is just part of the gig. Between clinical trials, patent applications, regulatory approvals and various studies, it’s not unusual for a decade to pass before investors find out whether or not the central premise of a life sciences company is salable. What investors dream of is an outcome like the one Vancouver’s ID Biomedical, a company whose groundbreaking flu-vaccine work led to a $1.7 billion buyout from London-based drug giant GlaxoSmithKline in 2005, a dozen years after the company was founded, experienced. While it was time well spent for ID Biomedical shareholders and principals like co-founder Tony Holler and CFO Richard Bear, getting the band back together afterwards meant one big priority; find something that was ready to go to market….